We design and develop mobile applications (iOS, Android) with complex functions

• Use of GPS to know the position of the user in real time.
• User or user messages.
• Sharing on social networks from the application.
• View or share photos and videos.
Push notifications to inform the user in real time, even if the application is closed.

We can also program the phone sensors to develop any idea

As long as technology allows it

Accelerometer: Recognizes the position of the device according to the position of 3 orthogonal main vectors.
Gyroscope: Together with the accelerometer, it allows to recognize the position and orientation of the device.
Barometer: It is responsible for measuring the environmental pressure, ideal for meteorological applications and related to atmospheric physical calculations.
Light sensor: It is responsible for detecting the existence of light sources with which we can execute actions when the user enters a certain light environment.
Humidity sensor: Designed to evaluate the amount of water retained in the environment until its saturation. It is applicable to predictive weather applications and others of a physical nature.
Proximity sensor: It is responsible for detecting when an element is near the device. Thus, a sound or any other action can be executed.
Thermometer: Responsible for detecting our physiological constants as it is able to determine body temperature by just approaching our hand.
IR sensor: Optoelectronic device that turns our terminal into a universal control command. You can replace with a simple programming of the interface to the control of our appliances taking control of the stereo, the TV, changing the temperature of the air conditioning or opening the door of our garage.
Fingerprint sensor: A modern device that offers added security to traditional electronic encryption methods.
Oximeter – heart rate monitor: Sensor capable of detecting our pulse and oxygen levels in the blood.

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